“Do Not Surrender!” A Poem For The Lost Soul…

As I write this on a rather emotional pretext, I’d like to encourage every reader to learn to express themselves, their pain, their sorrows, their emotions… Whatever’s holding you back from living a happy life! I’ve always encouraged the art of open communication. And depression is not something to bottle up within yourself. Reach out to those who can help you, & constantly work on improving yourself!

Become a better you!


I traversed the universe far & wide,

In search of a place where I could hide.

With no one to whom I could confide,

I felt it hit me, the dreaded high tide.

It hit me right where it hurt the most,

I was dragged along the broken coast.

Picking up dirt along the way,

I reached alive on a stranded bay.

Image Courtesy: Stocksnap


Or so I thought as I went around,

Until I stopped as I heard this sound.

I walked along to reach a town,

Full of people about to drown.

To my surprise I came to know,

All of us were on the same path,

To find solace, to heal, & to grow,

To ease the pain of life’s wrath.

Time passed by as we began to share,

Our horrid tales of pain & despair.

We breathed the salty coastal air,

Laying our heart & souls all bare.

Seeking comfort in that pain,

So ignorant, be it sunshine or rain.

Not knowing we were in a race,

With others who were up to pace.

Image Courtesy: Google Art Project


We rushed towards a common goal,

To be happy again, completely whole.

For bad memories to be erased,

For lost goals again to be chased.

It wasn’t as easy as it first seemed,

Life wasn’t rosy as we first dreamed.

Having faith in the power of hope,

We got back up, & learnt to cope.

Getting together we built a fire,

Feeding off a burning desire.

To be better than we were before,

Without limits we wanted to soar.

To those who feel the battle is over,

I urge you to look up, look further!

The times ahead may be rough,

But life can’t break you if you’re tough.

Do not expect but continue to give,

Life is meant to be fully lived.

Live, laugh, & love with great splendour,

Come what may, DO NOT SURRENDER!

Image Courtesy: Billboard

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