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Me: Ma’am, how does one define Software Engineering?
Teacher: The process of building software is called Software Engineering.
Me (sarcastically): Umm… Could you please explain further?
Teacher: What is there to know further? This is enough for now.
Me: That’s such a plain definition! There must be something further than that, isn’t it?
Teacher: It’s enough if you know the concept. This course requires elementary knowledge on the Software Engineering process.
Me: But –
Teacher: Sit in your place & take down notes, Rahul. No further arguments.

Does the above mentioned anecdote ring a bell? If yes, you’ve come to the right place my friend.

Hello there! I’m Rahul, a technology enthusiast just like you. I am a software engineer based out of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. I pre – dominantly work in the Network Automation industry, & I use Python as my primary tool for programming. I also work with core networking technologies including load balancing, firewalls, IPAM, & ITSM among others. I enjoy multi – tasking, & like to play around with different products such as Amazon Web Services, Docker, RHEL, & Puppet.

I have started this blog to address the above mentioned issue: Lack of Knowledge. Throughout my 5 years of university education, I have faced many such rebuttals like the anecdote mentioned above. I was told by friends & teachers about the need to learn only what was necessary; they used standard phrases (‘this isn’t included in the syllabus’, ‘it’s enough if you learn the definition & sample examples’) which only intrigued me further. I find these days that students have adapted themselves to a lifestyle where they are keeping their focus to a very particular field. This is not only hurting their yet – to – begin careers, but they are also missing the bigger picture. When you spend some time learning new technologies & encountering new use – cases, you can relate how they all work in tandem.

This blog is my way of sharing whatever knowledge I have accumulated from what I have learnt. Beginning now, I will try to share frequent content about common terminologies, tools, processes… basically any game – changers in the broad field of technology. I believe in simplifying tasks & then learning them. And this why the posts you will see shall be toned down to a level of basic understanding, which novices can pick up easily. I will explain in layman’s terms, what you will find written in complex user guides or product overviews. This could be Git, Golang, Hadoop, Python; you name it!

Being in the automation space, I will stress to post some content in tools related to network automation & orchestration. Please feel free to reach out to me; feedback & suggestions are most welcome!

P.S: I also write poetry & love to travel, so if you find some of my work elsewhere from time – to – time, please don’t get taken aback.

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